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Saada, Najwan Lbeeb, Michigan State University
Saperstein, Evan, William Paterson University
Schlein, Candace, University of Misouri-Kansas City
Schlein, Candace, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Schuette, Lieren N., Eastern Illinois University
Shahri, Bahman, Ohio University
Shahri, Bahman, Ohio University (United States)
Sharp, Heather, University of Newcastle, Australia
Sharp, Heather, University of Newcastle (Australia)
Shatara, Hanadi, University of Wisconsin - La Cross
Shuttleworth, Jay M, City University of New York, Queens College
Smith, Billy, The University of Texas at Austin
Soden, Gregory J., Columbia Public Schools
Stahlsmith, Megan
Sugito, Sugito
Suh, Yonghee, Old Dominion University
Sunal, Cynthia S., The University of Alabama
Sweeney, Miriam E, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

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