Preparing Citizen-Agents: A Review of Teaching for Dissent: Citizenship Education and Political Activism


  • Gregory J. Soden Columbia Public Schools


Social studies, citizenship, democracy, political activism


Teaching for Dissent: Citizenship Education and Political Activism, by Sarah M. Stitzlein, argues that all students have the right to public education that aims to prepare them for social dissent. Offering a guide to preparing students for dissent agency, Stitzlein offers teachers a rationale for why dissent matters, the history of dissent grounded in the philosophy of critical pragmatism and hope, and what preparation for dissent looks like in a public school classroom. Since dissent is truly a global phenomenon, the book has relevance for educators worldwide who believe in strengthening democratic public life for all citizens in every nation.

Author Biography

Gregory J. Soden, Columbia Public Schools

Gregory J. Soden is a language arts teacher with the Columbia Public School District in Columbia, Missouri. His professional interests include democratic teaching, literacy and writing skills, cultural studies, and multicultural citizenship.






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