Development and Evaluation of History Interest Inventory for Chinese K-12 Students


  • Yongjun Dan College of Education, Texas Tech University
  • Tianlan Wei College of Education, Texas Tech University
  • Wenjun Zhao College of History and Culture, Tianjin Teachers' University


History Interest Inventory, exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory facto analysis, cultural differences


The purpose of this study was to develop and evaluate History Interest Inventory (HII) to measure Chinese K-12 students’ history interest. In this study, data were drawn from two independent samples of a city in Eastern China, and exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and confirmatory facto analysis (CFA) were conducted to reduce instrument size and evaluate the construct validity associated with HII. Furthermore, multiple regression analysis was run to evaluate the weights of each component in predicting students’ achievement. The indices of construct validity and reliability indicated that History Interest Inventory (HII) was an effective and reliable instrument to measure Chinese students’ history interest. To apply this instrument to students from other countries, it is suggested that CFA be conducted with the samples from target countries to check its validity and reliability.