Slaying the Dragon: Junior Model United Nations Curriculum Designing for Middle School Teacher Candidates


  • Juan Manuel Walker Augusta University
  • Stacie K Pettit Augusta University
  • Craig Douglas Albert Augusta University
  • Laura Rychly Augusta University


global mindedness, inquiry learning process, engagement, simulation, application of knowledge




The process of teaching curriculum design to pre-service teachers is a complex process.  To address this issue, teacher candidates were asked to integrate an inquiry-based approach while considering their own curriculum chapter for a Junior Model United Nations (JMUN) program.  The findings of this study suggest that teacher candidates can benefit from inquiry-based methods in planning and teaching JMUN curriculum.  In the process, teacher candidates become aware of their own biases and pedagogical needs while teaching their future students.  This is accomplished through cause and effect teaching since the teacher candidates are simultaneously building and teaching. The further removed teacher candidates are from curriculum development, the less likely they are to understand the significance of curriculum development and its applications. 

Author Biographies

Juan Manuel Walker, Augusta University

Dr. Juan Walker is an Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction (social studies) at Augusta University. He teaches social studies methods and curriculum, and serves as the secondary program coordinator.

Stacie K Pettit, Augusta University

Dr. Stacie Pettit is an Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction (English) at Augusta University. She teaches middle grades methods and curriculum, and serves as the middle grades program coordinator.

Craig Douglas Albert, Augusta University

Dr. Albert is the director of the Master of Arts in Intelligence and Security Studies and an assistant professor of political science at Augusta University. He received his PhD in international relations and American politics from the University of Connecticut in 2009. 

Laura Rychly, Augusta University

Dr. Laura Rychly is an Assistant Professor of Advanced Studies and Innovations at Augusta University. She teaches foundations courses.