Review: E.Wayne Ross 4th Edition


  • Debra Donnelly University of Newcastle, Australia


This offering is the 4th edition of a successful formula that presents chapters from leading Social Studies scholars, theorists and educators coalescing them around the central themes of purposes, issues and pedagogical application. This edition has twelve new contributions with current cache, such as ecological democracy, patriotism and islamophobia in the classroom, while repeat appearances from 3rd edition have undergone revision and updating. The aim of the collection “to challenge readers to reconsider their assumptions and understandings of the origins, purposes, nature, and possibilities of the social studies curriculum” (Ross, 2014:xi) is explicit and remains constant since the first iteration in 1997. The target market for this book is educators from all sectors, with the overarching assumption of the vital role of the teacher in curriculum development and change but the appeal of this, at times, provocative edition extends to a general reader interested in the uses, challenges and potential of Social Studies education. It is organized into four parts.




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