A Global Learning Wiki Project for Preservice Teachers


  • Chia-Ling Kuo Kent State University


cultures, educational technology, global competency, global learning, international participants, preservice teachers, technology, undergraduate, Web 2.0, wiki


In this study the author investigated 228 preservice teachers’ experiences with a global learning wiki project in an undergraduate educational technology course.  The project connected students around the world on a wiki site, participants and their overseas partners posting questions about topics of interest to them and responding to one another’s questions on the site.  The goals of this study were to determine whether the global learning wiki project (a) enhanced participants’ knowledge of other cultures and competence in working with those who are culturally different and (b) benefited the participants professionally by improving their technology skills.  Results of the study show that participants enjoyed this project and the contacts they made with educators and students in other countries.  They gained knowledge of another culture and grew more comfortable working with people who speak another language; however, their responses were mixed about the professional benefits and enhancement of their technology skills.

Author Biography

Chia-Ling Kuo, Kent State University

Associate professor of instructional technology at Kent State University in Kent Ohio