Using Film as a Tool for Teaching and Discussing Genocide


  • Lisa Kelly Pennington Virginia Tech


social studies, global studies, media resources


In this book review, I examine John J. Michalczyk and Raymond G. Helmick’s edited volume entitled Through a Lens Darkly:  Films of Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, and Atrocities.  I assess the text as a tool for secondary educators who cover topics of genocide and mass atrocities in their classrooms, particularly the usefulness of the film essays and their ability to generate ideas for classroom discussion.  While many resources and films exist for teaching the Holocaust, far fewer materials exist for educators who cover other genocides.  Michalczyk and Helmick provide those teachers a place to begin resource building. 

Author Biography

Lisa Kelly Pennington, Virginia Tech

Lisa K. Pennington is a doctoral student in History and Social Science Curriculum and Instruction at Virginia Tech.  Her research interests include museum education, teacher education, professional development, and genocide education.  






Media Review