Impariamo Insieme (Learning Together) in Italy: Communication, Collaboration & Content


  • Barbara Torre Veltri Northern Arizona University


International exchanges, teacher education, social studies


Global Understanding is time sensitive. It requires spending quality time immersed within another culture and learning from people.  But for educators, what does that look like, how does it happen, and in what curriculum contexts can mutually beneficial cognitive and affective goals be realized?

            During a semester abroad, in Italy, nine (9) teacher candidates, twenty-seven (27) 8thgraders, two professors and one middle school teacher, (Dr. T), developed a unique Scambio di instruzione  –educational exchange.  Language, culture, art and technology, were anchored in Social Studies’ curricula to assess adolescent thinking. The result: collaboration, team teaching, dual language discussion, peer learning, and original high quality student products, created on ipads in Web 2.0 format, that aligned with The NCSS C3R Framework and the Ministry of Education’s program of study.  

Author Biography

Barbara Torre Veltri, Northern Arizona University

Dr. Barbara Veltri, an associate professor in the Department of Teaching & Learning, led the first university partnership for Education teacher candidates and the Siena School for Liberal Arts.  She is author of the award winning book: Learning on Other People's Kids: Becoming a Teach For America Teacher, (Information Age, 2010). 






International Perspectives