The Nigeria Teachers Social Studies Training Curriculum and Sustainable Development Goals: A Content Analysis

Ayodeji Peter Ifegbesan, M. B. Lawal, Isaac T. Rampedi


The concept of sustainable development has become a widely used construct that is incorporated into virtually all disciplines and discourses. The implementation and achievement of sustainable development goals in the management of our environmental resources cannot be realised without education especially at a formal levels. Teacher training institutions - (college of education and faculty of education in universities) are expected through their courses to engage and create awareness of sustainability issues using their training programmes. This paper therefore presents a content analysis of sustainability themes and concepts in the College of Education Social Studies curriculum in Nigeria.  This is with the ultimate goal of exploring how any noticed gaps that could inhibit the promotion of education for sustainable development through teacher training can be filled, so that the post 2015 sustainable development goals could be better achieved.


Social studies, Sustainable development, Nigeria, pre-service, teachers

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