Use of Current Events in Teacher Education


  • Talip Öztürk Ordu University, Turkey
  • Erhan Yaylak Ordu University, Turkey
  • Filiz Zayimoğlu Öztürk Ordu University, Turkey


Civic engagement, social studies, current events


The aim of the research is to investigate preservice teachers’ views about the inclusion of current events into teaching plans in the social studies teaching course included in an undergraduate elementary education program. The participants of the study were 53 preservice teachers in the social studies teaching course in the third year of the elementary education program. As a data collection tool, the opinion form about current events with nine open-ended questions was used. The study demonstrated that some preservice teachers who had not used current events before, thought the use of current events was beneficial in many areas from skill development to awareness development, and that appropriate topics included political, social, and economic topics, historical and military developments. The results showed that the most appropriate level for the use of current events is third and fourth grade, and the participants considered addressing current events at the beginning of lessons. The study also demonstrated the importance of the use of current events in teacher education for raising active democratic citizens.