Perception of Students and Educators on the Responsibility For Good Citizenship: The Ethiopian Case

Mulugeta Yayeh Worku


Understanding students’ and school practitioners’ perception as whose responsibility is good citizenship was the purpose of this study. To achieve this purpose, descriptive survey research design was employed. Forty-two civic and ethical education teachers, 410 students, 157 non-civic and ethical education teachers, and 29 school leaders were selected from 20 Ethiopian schools. Three sets of questionnaires were used to gather data pertinent to the study. Based on the data gathered and analyzed, the study explored that the perception of Ethiopian students and educators concerning the responsibility of good citizenship was narrow and incomplete. Besides, it was learned that in Ethiopia there has been much reliance on schools and civic and ethical education teachers for the preparation of good citizenship. Bearing this finding in mind, areas of intervention that could possibly ameliorate the problem are highlighted.


Citizenship education; Ethiopia; good citizenship; perception; stakeholder

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