Investigating teacher questions within the framework of Knowledge Building pedagogy

Tamas Kiss, Alex Wang


This study is designed to investigate the impact of teacher experience and teacher cognition on teacher questioning in the framework of Knowledge Building (KB) pedagogy. We already know that it is teachers who ask most questions in a classroom, and the majority of their questions have little impact on learning as they focus on classroom management (Almeida, 2010; G. Brown & Wragg, 1993; Floyd, 1960; Hogan & Gopinathan, 2008; Kerry, 2002). However, there is relatively little research done to find out how inquiry-based and dialogic classroom discourse would influence a teacher’s approach to use questioning strategies. I this paper we present a research project that was conducted in a Singapore primary school and argue that teaching experience has a powerful influence on the questioning teachers use in their classrooms. Furthermore, the implementation of Knowledge Building pedagogy has a positive impact on teacher questioning and contributes to creating an effective learning environment.


Knowledge Building, questioning, teacher cognition, social studies

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